The Wartabater Electronic Wart Remover
A 100% successful wart removal remedy

This is a battery powered electronic device that will completely remove your warts and skin tags.
The unit is applied to the wart for just 3 minutes. The wart will be killed permanently and normal skin will then grow into the site, steadily replacing the dead wart tissue.
There is no scarring.
Works on all types of warts, including stubborn and difficult to remove Plantar warts.
Aren't you tired of the endless hassle of using the pads and liquids that never seem to work?
This is a significantly preferable and far more successful wart removal treatment than the painful and costly practice of freezing off warts using liquid nitrogen, often, only to have them return.

One 3 minute treatment completely eliminates the wart

If you are like most people who have had little or no success with wart removal, the Wartabater will certainly eliminate this frustration for you.
The probe is placed on the wart and the unit activated. The high frequency electrical signal disrupts the cell structure of the wart, killing it.
A single treatment is all that is needed to achieve this.

The Wartabater works on all types of warts, including common warts, Plantar warts, HPV and genital warts. Also removes skin tags.  More Info

** No wart has survived the treatment **


Simple  Effective  Permanent

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Wartabater Electronic Wart Remover -  $99.95
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